First 5 Friday - Do you wish you were a wonky donkey?

Happy First 5 Friday! Here is a great way to start off your weekend as you READ, TALK and PLAY with your little ones!

READ: Start off your weekend as you read "The Wonky Donkey" by Craig Smith. Can you make funny noises like a donkey would?

TALK: Take this time to talk to your little one about animals, school and what they think about "The Wonky Donkey" by Craig Smith.

Suggested questions to get the conversation started for all ages:

  • What do you see when you go for a walk outside with your parents or caregivers?

  • What is your favorite animal?

Suggested conversation questions about "The Wonky Donkey" by Craig Smith for children ages 0-3:

  • Have you ever seen a donkey in real life?

  • What fun thing would you do as a wonky donkey?

Suggested conversation questions about "The Wonky Donkey" by Craig Smith for children ages 4-5:

  • What was your favorite wonky donkey in the book?

  • What rhyming words did you hear in “The Wonky Donkey” by Craig Smith?

PLAY: Play with your little one this weekend through these fun Wonky Donkey activities!

Activity 1: Use the ideas below to encourage your little one to act like the donkey in the book.

  • Can you hop on one leg like the wonky donkey in this week’s book?

  • Can you wink like the winky donkey?

  • Can you dance like the honky tonky donkey?

  • Can you stretch really tall like the lanky donkey?

  • Can you plug your nose like you have smelled a stinky dinky donkey?

  • Can you “hee-haw” like a donkey?

Activity 2: Encourage your little one to get creative with this week’s craft.

Crazy Plate Frog

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Plate

  • Scissors

  • Green, White, Red and Black Construction Paper

  • Green Paint (Washable)

  • Paintbrush

  • Black Market

  • Glue

How to Make a Crazy Plate Frog:

  1. Paint the paper plate green.

  2. While the paint is drying, help your little one trace both of their hands on the green construction paper.

  3. Once you trace your little one’s hands, help them use scissors to cut around the traced lines.

  4. Cut a small strip of the red construction paper.

  5. Curl the red strip of paper around the black market to make the frog's tongue.

  6. Cut two small to medium-sized circles out of the white construction paper.

  7. Cut two small circles (smaller than the white circles) out of the black construction paper.

  8. Cut a semi-circle shape out of the black construction paper to represent the frog’s mouth.

  9. Once the painted plate is dry, glue the two white circles close to the top of the bottom of the plate.

  10. Glue the two black circles on the white circles to represent eyes.

  11. Glue the black semi-circle under the eyes to represent the mouth.

  12. Glue one end of the curled red strip of paper to the black mouth.

  13. On the bottom of the other side of the plate, glue your cut-out hand tracings to each left and right of the plate.

  14. Have fun with our crazy paper plate frog!

Please share pictures of the special memories you make with your little one on Facebook and Instagram at @First5Lex!

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