First 5 Friday - “Hello School!”

Happy First 5 Friday! Here is a great way to start off your weekend as you READ, TALK and PLAY with your little ones!

READ: Start off your weekend as you read “Hello School!” by Priscilla Burris with your little ones! Do you have a child who is heading to preschool, kindergarten or who has older siblings or friends heading to school? Enjoy this book as they say “hi” to the back-to-school (or first time to school!) season!

TALK: Take this time to talk to your little ones about starting school and what they think about “Hello School!” by Priscilla Burris.

Suggested questions to get the conversation started for all ages:

  • What’s your favorite thing that’s new?

  • What’s your favorite snack time snack?

  • Do you have a favorite hat? What does it look like?

Suggested conversation questions about “Hello School!” by Priscilla Burris for children ages 0-3:

  • What’s your favorite color crayon?

  • Can you say your name?

  • What letter does your name start with?

Suggested conversation questions about “Hello School!” by Priscilla Burris for children ages 4-5:

  • How would you introduce yourself to someone new at school?

  • What do you want to learn from your teacher one day?

PLAY: PLAY with your little ones as they start to learn the letters of the alphabet with this fun, learning-related craft!

Rock Letters:

Materials Needed:

  • Paint (At least two colors, but however many colors your little ones want)

  • Paint Brush

  • Paper plate

  • Rocks (26 to make the entire alphabet or the number of rocks of the number of letters in your little one’s name)

How To Make Your Own Rock Letters:

  1. Pour your paint onto the plate.

  2. Paint one side of your rock with the color your little one would like to paint it.

  3. Wait for the paint to dry on the rock.

  4. Once the paint is dry, paint the letter you are wishing to paint on the rock.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the desired amount of letters/rocks.

  6. If your little one is painting rock letters for their name, help them form their names with the rock letters!

Suggestion: If your little one is still learning letters or how to write letters, consider having a picture pulled up or printed out of the letters they are painting on the rocks.

Please share pictures of the special memories you make with your little one on Facebook and Instagram at @First5Lex!

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