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Decades of neuroscience and behavioral research have uncovered the science of early brain development. This research helps illustrate why child development, particularly from birth to five years, is a foundation for a prosperous and sustainable society.

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It all starts in the brain.

  • More than one million new neural connections form every second during the first few years of life.
  • The earliest experiences affect the quality of brain architecture. They establish a sturdy or fragile foundation for all the learning, health, and behavior that follow.
  • Genes and life experiences interact and influence the developing brain.
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Relationships matter.

  • According to scientists, the "serve and return" relationship between children and their caregivers is essential to development.
  • Young children naturally desire interaction through babbling, facial expressions, and gestures.
  • Adults respond with the same vocalizing and gesturing back at them.
  • Early signs of emotional and physical health, social skills, and cognitive-linguistic capacities are all important prerequisites for success in school and later in the workplace and community.

Flexible thinkers go far.

  • If adults don’t respond consistently, the brain’s architecture does not form as expected. This can lead to disparities in learning and behavior.
  • The brain is most flexible early in life to accommodate various environments and interactions.
  • Early brain flexibility means it’s easier and more effective to influence a baby’s developing brain than to rewire an adult's.
  • Cognitive, emotional, and social capacities are inextricably intertwined throughout life.
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